The thimble islands / Branford ct

The Thimble Islands are an archipelago of islands in Long Island Sound located off the coast of Connecticut in southern New England. Only 7 miles from New Haven, they include southeastern Branford, CT and the harbor hamlet of Stony Creek. The islands themselves - named for the thimbleberry, a relative of the raspberry - have long been prized by sailors as a sheltered deep-water anchorage. These scenic islands form part of the Stony Creek–Thimble Islands Historic District, an historic district listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

The 23 inhabited islands include only 81 houses, of which 14 of the most exclusive islands have only a single owner. The residences are constructed

in a variety of architectural styles, ranging from a twenty-four room English Tudor manor house on Rogers Island, to several smaller estate homes, to more rustic seaside summer cottages built over the water.

The exclusive collection of islands is the ultimate private enclave removed from an increasingly intrusive world, but still only an 1 ½ hours by car, or less than a half hour by float plane from 23rd Street East River Seaplane Base in Manhattan. Current and past well-known residents of the islands include the small person General Tom Thumb, cartoonist Garry Trudeau, broadcast journalist Jane Pauley, and actor Frank Converse. President William Taft established his "Summer White House" in the Thimble Islands.